I am a servant of Jesus Christ.  My art is done in His service.

At the beginning of each project I pray and ask that He leads and guides me, so that the project will contribute to the building of His kingdom in the way that He wants to. 

Of special importance to me is that the visual should be a conduit of things that cannot be expressed in words, that His Spirit should work through my art and especially communicate things which cannot be communicated verbally. 

As yet undiscovered functions of the human brain would be involved in this, which are hinted at by the so-called 'right brain' functions. Jesus said, 'The kingdom of heaven is within you', and discovering, exploring and expressing this terra incognita motivates my art making.
There is a cross going through this brain, vertically and
horizontally. This expresses my belief that Christ's spirit should permeate our brain's functions, including the many awarenesses and processes we do not understand or even know about.